Exam Preparation Materials for Teachers

MYLE Sample Tests

Download the combined sample tests for MYLE Bronze, Silver, and Gold.
Download the audio files for the listening section here:

MYLE Handbook for Teachers
This comprehensive handbook describes each section of the test in detail, presents tips for preparing learners for each section of the test at each level, and gives an overview of the grammar structures included on the test as well as complete vocabulary lists for each level. Download here.

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Preparation Materials by Exam Level

Classroom Posters
For each level of the test, there are two, full-color posters representing a variety of actions, vocabulary words, and situations covered at that level. Each poster is available in 2 different sizes.

Classroom Activity Sheets
These worksheets can be used on their own, but the exercises also correspond to vocabulary and situations shown in the classroom posters. Answer keys are included.

Teacher Lesson Plans
Many of the lesson plans refer to the MYLE Sample Test or the Teachers’ Handbook, so make sure to download these files.
The lesson plans are provided as an additional resource for teachers. Each level includes 13–16 different lessons arranged by skill with detailed instructions, worksheets, and answer keys.