Tennessee Technological University is familiar with the exams produced by Michigan Language Assessment and is now adding MET for international admissions. About 1 hour 30 minutes from Nashville and Knoxville, Tennessee Tech is a public university offering 9,900+ students more than 200 majors and concentrations.

Tennessee Tech students enjoy various academic and career-building resources and experiential opportunities, including support through Career Services, internships, optional practical training, and many on-campus research opportunities.

More than 300 international students contribute to the diversity of the student population of Tennessee Tech and benefit from undergraduate and graduate scholarships. The Office of International Education and the Center for English as a Second Language provide support and engaging activities for international students. Click here to learn more about the application process for international students at Tennessee Technological University.

Charles Wilkerson, Director of International Undergraduate Admissions and Recruitment at Tennessee Tech, said, “As the Director, I have been supporting the international student community since 2004, and I have seen how useful the Michigan Tests are for international programs.” Tennessee Tech will now trust MET to certify English proficiency for undergraduate and graduate admissions.

Register for the Michigan English Test today and apply to universities like Tennessee Tech to accomplish your dream of a university degree.