MET Go! test takers at IICANA, Argentina

MET Go! successfully launched in November 2018. Three Michigan Language Assessment test centers gave the 4-skills test for their students, most of whom ranged in age from 11 to 15. The Institute of Argentinian North American Cultural Exchange (IICANA), Alianza Cultural Uruguay, and Richmond Peru were the earliest adopters of this new exam.

IICANA, a binational center in Cordoba, has been working with the University of Michigan for decades, and they were excited to be an early adopter of MET Go!. On November 9, they gave the first-ever MET Go! administration. Students who took the exam at IICANA were in their fourth year studying English, and their feedback was overwhelmingly positive. One student said that her favorite part was the writing section, because, ”I created what I wanted with all my English.”

Center representative Eleonora Salas told us they had a great first administration and that she was pleased with the prompt delivery of results and the overall experience they had with MET Go! The score reports gave IICANA’s teachers and program administrators an overall picture of the strengths and weaknesses in the center’s program of studies. “The thorough descriptive statements for every skill help to evaluate whether students are achieving the expected learning outcomes,” Salas said.

“The multilevel tasks MET Go! offers gives kids and young teens the chance to shine at their current level of English language competency.”

-Eleonora Salas, Center Representative, IICANA

IICANA plans to continue offering its students the chance to prove their English with MET Go! and intends to present certificates at their end-of-year ceremony.

The second center that administered MET Go! upon its launch was Alianza, a binational center in Uruguay that has been a Michigan test center since the 1950s. Students at Alianza took MET Go! on November 16, and they were excited to be the first MET Go! test takers in Uruguay. Test center staff told us the MET Go! is a great addition to the Michigan Tests they already administer. “We have longed for an exam that could test a B1 level for this target audience for many years,” they said. “Parents have also requested international certification for their children for quite some time.”

“We have longed for an exam that could test a B1 level for this target audience for many years.”

-Alianza Binational Center in Uruguay

Test takers from Alianza Binational Center, Uruguay

MET Go! fulfilled Alianza’s needs by allowing its students the opportunity to become internationally certified with a test designed for their age group.

The third center to give the MET Go! in November was Richmond Peru, a part of the publishing division of Grupo Santillana—and one of Michigan Language Assessment’s newest test centers. In fact, this was Richmond Peru’s first-ever Michigan Test administration, and the center staff had a positive experience. They hope to continue to offer MET Go! in the future.

Since November, five more centers have chosen MET Go! to test their learners’ English levels, and there is a growing number of scheduled administrations for 2019. Across South America, Michigan Language Assessment partners, both old and new, are embracing MET Go!.