MET Sample Test

NOTE: The sample materials for MET listening and reading should only be used to prepare for the MET through the end of 2018. Visit MET Updates for 2019 for more on the revised MET, as well as a link to the MET sample test that reflects the upcoming changes.

Listening and Reading

Before taking an MET sample test, please become familiar with the sample test instructions.


The MET Speaking Test measures an individual’s ability to produce comprehensible speech in response to a range of tasks and topics. It is a structured, one-on-one interaction between examiner and test taker that includes five distinct tasks. The tasks require test takers to convey information about a picture and about themselves, give a supported opinion, and state the advantages and disadvantages of a particular proposal.

Sample of a complete MET Speaking Test:


The MET Writing Test is designed to evaluate the ability to write in English. The test is intended for English language learners who range in ability from the high beginner to low advanced levels. In order to measure the writing proficiency of individuals at these differing levels of ability, the MET Writing Test requires test takers to produce written language at the sentence level, the paragraph level, and to produce a short essay.