MET Go! Sample Test

The MET Go! Sample Test is designed to be similar in difficulty to the MET Go! and will give you a reasonable idea of how you should expect to score on the exam. However, there is no guarantee that your CEFR level on the sample test will be the same as the CEFR level indicated by scaled scores you receive after you take the test.

Listening, Reading, and Writing

Listening, Reading, and Writing


Before taking the listening, reading, and writing sections of the MET Go! Sample Test, you will need the following:

  • the test booklet, audio files (parts 1, 23, 4, and 5), and the answer sheet
  • a pencil
  • about an hour of uninterrupted time
  • a timing device, such as a clock or stopwatch
  • a device on which to play the listening section audio


Listening Section

Look at the test booklet as you listen to the instructions and the questions. After each question, there is a pause so that you can mark your answers on the answer sheet. Do not pause the recording after each question.

By using the time permitted on the recording, you will get practice listening and responding in a set amount of time. This listening section takes about 30 minutes.

Reading Section

Follow the reading section instructions, then allow yourself 30 minutes to mark your answers to 31–60.

Writing Section

Follow the writing section instructions in your test booklet, then allow yourself 30 minutes to write on the three topics.

After the test, you can review MET Go! Writing Samples to learn more about practicing for the writing section.

Sample Test Materials

Listening Section Audio

Interpreting Your Scores

Interpreting Scores

  1. Compare your listening and reading answers with the answer key. If your answer matches the answer key then give yourself one point. If your answer does not match the answer key do not give yourself a point.
  2. Add up all of your correct answers in the listening section. This is your listening section score.
  3. Add up all of your correct answers in the reading section. This is your reading section score.
  4. Look at the table below to find your approximate score bands. Your listening and reading scores may be in different bands. These scores are unofficial, and your score on an actual MET Go! examination may be higher or lower than your score on this sample test.



The MET Go! Speaking test measure emerging through low intermediate English language ability. The test takes about ten minutes and is comprised of four parts designed to give test taker the opportunity to speak on different topics.

MET Go! Sample Speaking Prompts

Prompt A

Prompt B

MET Go! Speaking Practice