English proficiency is crucial for performance in many fields, especially healthcare. The Michigan English Test (MET) was developed as a reliable tool for assessing English proficiency for academic and professional contexts. MET, which is backed by two of the world’s leading universities – the University of Michigan and Cambridge University Press & Assessment,, offers a thorough evaluation of reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills in a convenient digital format.

What makes MET stand out as the best choice for nurses and other healthcare professionals?


One of the most significant advantages of MET is its affordability. The test is up to 20 percent less than many of its competitors. For nurses, who often face high costs related to their education, certification, and continuing education, MET offers a cost-effective solution for proving English proficiency. The money test takers save can be redirected towards other essential needs, such as professional development or saving for a move to the U.S.


MET is very flexible, which is a critical factor for busy healthcare professionals. Nurses have plenty of test center locations and schedules to choose from, eliminating the need to take time off work. This level of accessibility ensures that nurses can fit the exam into their demanding schedules without disrupting their professional responsibilities.

Additionally, MET allows for single section retakes, which are accepted by the Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools (CGFNS) for occupational visa application and credentials evaluation processing. This feature means that if a nurse does not perform their best on the listening, reading, or writing section, they do not need to retake the entire test. Instead, they can focus on improving in the specific area where they need to demonstrate proficiency. Single section retakes save time and reduce stress for test-takers.


The reliability of MET is unmatched. MET is backed by two of the world’s leading universities: the University of Michigan and Cambridge University Press & Assessment. The University of Michigan is renowned as a top research university, recognized for its rigorous academic standards and innovative research. Cambridge Assessment English, a department of the University of Cambridge, is a global leader in English language assessment and has a long history of expertise and excellence in the field.

This strong academic backing ensures that MET is a valid and highly reliable measure of English proficiency. For nurses, this means that their language skills are being assessed using a test that is both reputable and recognized internationally. Credible English proficiency test results are crucial for career advancement and for meeting the regulatory requirements of healthcare institutions.


MET is available in many top locations for foreign nurses coming to the U.S., such as the Philippines. Nurses can locate a test center near them on our website and register with ease online. This accessibility makes it easier for nurses from these regions to take the test and advance their careers in the United States.

MET offers significant value for nurses and other healthcare professionals through its affordability, flexibility, reliability, and accessibility. By providing a thorough evaluation of English skills at a lower cost, allowing for convenient testing schedules, and being backed by prestigious academic institutions, MET stands out as an excellent choice for nurses seeking to demonstrate their English proficiency. As the demand for proficient English speakers in healthcare continues to grow, MET provides a practical and respected solution to meet this need.