At Michigan Language Assessment, we rely on collaboration with colleges, universities, primary and secondary schools, boards of nursing, government organizations and other entities to ensure our language proficiency tests meet their needs for verifying English language proficiency. Our tests are designed to demonstrate proficiency needed for non-native English speakers to perform at academic and professional levels in reading, writing, speaking, and listening. And these Recognizing Organizations rely on us to develop and administer English language proficiency assessments that meet the highest standards of excellence, security, and reliability.

This collaborative effort gives our thousands of test takers each year the opportunity to reach their goals and fulfill their potential as college students, employees, or healthcare professionals in the U.S., Canada, and anywhere else, proficiency in English is required.

The benefits of being a Michigan Language Assessment Recognizing Organization are clear:

  • Enhance your outreach to the thousands who take our exams each year.
  • Increase visibility for your institution with inclusion on the recognizing organization list on our website.
  • Be confident in your use of reliable and valid measures of proficiency.
  • Verify test results quickly and at no cost.
  • Gain access to the logo and certificate for recognizing organizations.
  • Enjoy personalized consultation from our assessment professionals.

If you are not already an official Recognizing Organization, apply to become one

If you are already one of our valued network members, get in touch to explore other ways we can help you promote your institution.