The Importance and Impact of Institutional Affiliates

Collaboration and support lie at the heart of Michigan Language Assessment. Our mission to help people reach their education and career goals depends on a broad network of collaborators, partners, and affiliates to ensure test-takers of all ages have access to our trusted English proficiency exams.

Institutional affiliates play a significant role in supporting our mission. An Authorized Institutional Affiliate (IA) is an institution or established consultant that refers individuals to take the Michigan English Test (MET) as part of a formal agreement with Michigan Language Assessment.

There are significant benefits to being an IA:

  • Increase your reach and impact by certifying your students’ and clients’ English proficiency with MET.
  • Be part of the Michigan Language Assessment global network.
  • Receive an incentive that can be passed on to your customers as a discount on the exam fee. 

IAs can be 

  • English language programs
  • Publishing companies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Test centers
  • Pathway programs
  • Corporations
  • Educational agencies
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Recruitment consultants

If you are not already an Authorized Institutional Affiliate, apply to become one

If you are already one of our valued network members, get in touch to explore other ways we can help you promote your organization.