The Michigan English Test (MET) is a thorough 4-skill exam that evaluates English language proficiency. MET is an English proficiency certification for academic and professional purposes. It assesses core language skills required for efficient communication. Here’s an overview of each section of the 4-skill MET so you know what to expect.

Sections of the 4-skill MET include listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Test takers have a total of 155 minutes to complete the exam.

Listening Section 

Total questions: 50 

Time: 35 minutes

The Listening Section of MET is divided into three parts, each focusing on different types of real-life English-speaking situations:

  • Part 1: Short conversations
    • In this part, you will hear brief conversations between two people. After each conversation, you will answer a question about the dialogue to showcase your ability to understand conversations.
  • Part 2: Longer conversations
    • During the second part, you will listen to longer dialogues on various topics with multiple speakers. You will need to answer several questions that test your understanding of the main ideas, specific details, and inferences.
  • Part 3: Talks and lectures
    • The final part consists of longer monologues, such as lectures or short talks on academic or general interest topics. 

Reading Section
Total questions: 50

Time: 65 minutes

The MET Reading Section tests your ability to understand written English in various contexts.


An incomplete sentence will be presented, followed by a choice of four words or phrases to make it complete and correct.

Extended Reading Passages

In the next part of MET Reading, you will read two extended passages and answer 4-5 questions on each to show your understanding. The passages are usually informational about topics of general or academic interests. 

Thematically-Linked Reading Passages 

Two sets of three passages on a related topic are each followed by ten questions. Each set will include questions about each of the passages, as well as one or two questions that will test your ability to combine/synthesize information from more than one passage. 

Writing Section

Total of 2 tasks

Time: 45 minutes 

The MET Writing section requires you to complete two tasks, showcasing your ability to write effectively in English:

Task 1: Short answers

The first task in the writing section will ask you three questions, to which you will write three brief responses. 

Task 2: Essay 

The second task involves writing an essay on a given topic. This task assesses your ability to develop ideas, organize your thoughts coherently, and express your opinions or arguments effectively. 

Speaking Section

Total of 5 stages

Total time:10 minutes

The MET Speaking Section gives test takers the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to describe a picture, talk about a personal experience related to the picture, give a personal opinion related to the picture, explain advantages and disadvantages of a given situation, give an opinion, and provide a convincing argument to defend the opinion. The five stages of the section build on each other. The questions are presented onscreen, and test takers record their responses.

By understanding each section of MET, you can better prepare for the test and approach it with confidence. Visit our resource library for free MET preparation materials. Good luck!