Healthcare professionals worldwide seeking employment in any part of the United States now have more resources than ever before, thanks to WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, a direct hire recruitment service that goes above and beyond to treat their clients like family. Hurdles such as relocation, immigration, interviewing at top-rated health care facilities, and credentialing are made easier with the assistance of this dedicated organization. 

Michigan Language Assessment had the opportunity to sit down with Kari Cooper, a former public educator and now an English as a Second Language (ESL) program coordinator at WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions, to ask how they address the language barrier many international healthcare professionals face. Specifically, the conversation explored the high demand for international nurses in the U.S. and how the Michigan English Test (MET) can support their efforts to help their clients certify their English.

English proficiency is a vital skill for advancement in the U.S. healthcare field, but certifying it can feel daunting. When asked what most international healthcare professionals want out of an English test, Cooper provided insight that most of their clients seek a user-friendly, readily accessible, and affordable test with a quick turnaround time on scoring.

MET, which is CGFNS accepted, provides the answer to all the above desires of test takers. With conveniently located testing centers and digital testing now available, it is now more accessible than ever to take MET. Test takers can even set their own schedule, as the test is available almost any day of the yearno need to call out of work or rearrange your busy shifts. The assessment’s quick turnaround time of up to five days will also keep you from wondering about your results for too long. 

Working with hundreds of healthcare professionals every month, WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions knows that the toughest part of confidence with the English language is speaking it. Conversations are key to practicing any language, and the available resources help prepare healthcare professionals for the types of dialogue they will encounter in various settings both on the job with colleagues and patients and in their personal lives. Test takers can find free test prep resources for the speaking portion and other portions of MET here.

“I love the speaking portion of MET. I love how it builds. When you first start that speaking portion, as an international person, it can be intimidating. The fact that MET starts with an image on the screen to help you is huge,” Cooper said.

Additionally, she expanded to say that she appreciates the “global perspective” of MET. Compared to other assessments, she feels that test takers can feel reassured that the content they’ll encounter makes sense to them and their lived experiences. In particular, she highlighted that MET builds up in its listening section. The format of the test won’t throw test takers into a conversation, but instead eases them into it with figures such as photos. 

The current shortage of healthcare professionals in the US is an opportunity for new global talent.

“As far as the need for nurses geographically, it really is all over the U.S., and we’re fortunate to have placement in 49 states,” Cooper said. 

WorldWide HealthStaff Solutions and Michigan Language Assessment are dedicated to providing the tools necessary for a smooth transition to employment in every corner of the country. The newest additions to the U.S. healthcare workforce can spend less time worrying about the logistics of their next adventure and more time getting excited about this great leap in their career.

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