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Michigan Tests are designed for young learners, teens, and adults at all levels of English proficiency.

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Our exams are developed by experts from the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English.

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Michigan Test results support personal, educational, and professional goals.

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A set of motivating American English exams for beginning learners ages 6 to 10

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A multilevel exam for upper primary to lower
secondary school students

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A flexible, multilevel exam for learners ages 16 to adult used for educational and professional purposes

Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE)

A 4-skill certificate exam for secondary students and adults at the high-intermediate level (B2)


A 4-skill exam certifying secondary students and adults at the highest level of proficiency (C2) since 1953


A computer-based placement and progress test used by institutions and businesses for internal purposes

Michigan Language Assessment News and Events

MET Digital: Your Day-Before-the-Exam Checklist

MET Digital: Your Day-Before-the-Exam Checklist

What is as important for a successful exam day as your countless hours of studying for the Michigan English Test? Having your test day checklist completed in advance! Skip the stress by following these guidelines for equipment set-up, workspace requirements,...

ALLEN Career Institute Brings MET Go! Digital to India

ALLEN Career Institute Brings MET Go! Digital to India

“Helping students succeed in a global community” is the mission of the ALLEN Career Institute located in Kota, Rajasthan, India. Nearly two years ago, COVID-19 changed what “a global community” looks like. Schools and test centers closed. Quarantine was instated,...

The Rise of Secure, Remote Testing Options: The Future of MET

The Rise of Secure, Remote Testing Options: The Future of MET

The landscape of English language testing has changed dramatically in the last two years. There is a growing demand by test takers and test users for convenient English proficiency exams that offer flexible scheduling and remote administration under strict security...

Authorized Test Centers

Our exams are exclusively administered through a global network of Authorized Test Centers.

Michigan Exam Preparation Centers

Our preparation centers enjoy unique benefits and help students prepare for the Michigan Tests.

Authorized Institutional Affiliates

Authorized Institutional Affiliates (IA’s) are institutions or established consultants that refer individuals to take the Michigan English Test (MET) Digital exam as part of a formal agreement with Michigan Language Assessment.

Digital Resources for At-Home Study

We are committed to providing at-home study resources to test takers and teachers. See the latest list below, check out our searchable library of test preparation resources and subscribe to be notified of new resources.

MET Listening Part 1: Tips for Test Takers for test takers (video)
ECPE Listening Resource Pack for teachers & test takers (PDF)
ECPE Writing Resource Pack for teachers & test takers (PDF)
MET Go! Study & Practice, Listening (L3b) for teachers (PDF)

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Recognizing Organizations

We invite you to join our network of recognizing organizations by accepting Michigan Language Assessment exam results as proof of English language proficiency.