About Us

Prove your English. Achieve your goals. Own your future.


Michigan Language Assessment helps people achieve their education and career goals by providing trusted English language exams that draw on the expertise of two of the world’s leading universities.

Our History

Our story began in 1941 when the University of Michigan established the English Language Institute (ELI). This pioneering organization was the first university-based intensive English program in the United States and the first language research and teaching program of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. The foundation of modern American English language testing originated at Michigan; it was strengthened when the U.S. government commissioned the University of Michigan to develop an English language test. To meet this need, the ECPE, our secure C2 exam, was launched in 1953 and administered internationally. Over the years, we continued developing and administering a portfolio of secure, research-informed exams throughout the globe.

In 2010, the testing division of the University of Michigan English Language Institute joined with Cambridge Assessment English to form Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments, a not-for-profit collaboration. In 2018, we rebranded to Michigan Language Assessment. As our organization has changed and grown throughout the years, we have continued to invest in research that ensures our tests are valid, reliable, fair, and accessible. We are committed to delivering outstanding and reliable English language assessments based on our 65+ years of assessment expertise and reflecting the values of two leading, world-renowned universities.

Today, universities, education departments, businesses, and government agencies around the world rely on our English language tests to assess and verify the proficiency of English language learners of all ages and levels. Our comprehensive range of tests enables students worldwide to expand their personal opportunities, gain internationally recognized certification, and improve their educational or professional prospects. We help learners prove their English, reach their goals, and own their future.

The University of Michigan, founded in 1817, is one of the top public research universities in North America. With more than 575,000 alumni, the University of Michigan is a well-known and highly respected presence in higher education and beyond.

Cambridge Assessment English, part of the University of Cambridge, has over 100 years of experience assessing English language proficiency in 130 countries.