Preparation Centers

What is a Michigan Exam Preparation Center?

A Michigan Exam Preparation Center is an established educational institution or school that prepares test takers for the Michigan Tests and is enrolled in Michigan Language Assessment’s preparation center program. Preparation centers do not administer exams.

Why become a Michigan Exam Preparation Center?

Preparation centers gain access to resources and communications designed to help provide an outstanding experience for students preparing to earn international certifications with the Michigan Tests.

Preparation Center Benefits


  • Gain visibility with the Michigan Exam Preparation Center logo and certificate.
  • Build a closer relationship with your test center.
  • Benefit from notification of new preparation resources.
  • Enhance your graduation events by using the inspirational celebratory video.
  • Access the online resource collection only available to preparation centers.

Join the Michigan Exam Preparation Center Program

We invite qualified institutions and schools to apply to become Michigan Exam Preparation Centers and work with us to prepare students for our internationally recognized English language exams.

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