Recognizing Organizations

Why recognize Michigan Tests?

Secure Administration

The Michigan Tests are only administered by Authorized Test Centers.

Strict Procedures

Strict registration, administration, and scoring procedures ensure exam security and reliability.

Developed by Experts

Exams are created by a team of assessment experts using a rigorous development process.

Official Recognition of the Michigan Tests

Michigan Language Assessment has provided secure, reliable, and trusted international English exams since 1953. The MET, ECCE, and ECPE exams open doors to higher education, professional certification, and employment opportunities. Elementary and middle schools recognize the MYLE and MET Go!, and high schools recognize MET to certify learners and to provide evidence of the quality of their language teaching.

What is a Recognizing Organization?

A recognizing organization is an institution that accepts Michigan Language Assessment exam results as official evidence of English language proficiency level for educational or professional purposes.

Benefits of Recognizing the Michigan Tests


  • Be confident in your use of reliable and valid measures of proficiency.
  • Enhance your outreach to the thousands who take our exams each year.
  • Increase visibility for your institution with inclusion on the recognizing organization list on our website.
  • Verify test results quickly and at no cost.
  • Gain access to the logo and certificate for recognizing organizations.
  • Enjoy personalized consultation from our assessment professionals.

Types of Recognizing Organizations

  • Ministries of education
  • Colleges and universities
  • Scholarship organizations
  • Government agencies
  • Professional certification boards
  • Employers
  • Elementary or secondary schools
  • Intensive English and pathways programs
  • Private language schools

Join the Recognizing Organization Network

We invite you to join our network of recognizing organizations by accepting Michigan Language Assessment exam results as proof of English language proficiency levels.

Update Your MELAB Recognition to the MET

Switch from the retired MELAB to the MET (Michigan English Test). The secure MET exam is used around the world to certify English proficiency for educational and professional purposes with results aligned to the CEFR.

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