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Why take a Michigan Test?

English language learners all over the world take the Michigan Tests to prove their English and achieve their goals. With a test for every age and level, Michigan Language Assessment offers every learner the opportunity to gain a respected international certification backed by both the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English.

Learn About the Michigan Tests


A set of motivating American English exams for beginning learners ages 6 to 10

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A multilevel exam for upper primary to lower
secondary school students

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A flexible, multilevel exam for learners ages 16 to adult used for educational and professional purposes

Examination for the Certificate of Competency in English (ECCE)

A 4-skill certificate exam for secondary students and adults at the high-intermediate level (B2)


A 4-skill exam certifying secondary students and adults at the highest level of proficiency (C2) since 1953


A computer-based placement and progress test used by institutions and businesses for internal purposes

Prepare for a Michigan Test

Take advantage of the Michigan Test preparation resources designed for both self-guided study and classroom use. This library of free resources has been created by Michigan Language Assessment experts and includes sample tests, rated writing samples, speaking test videos, preparation activities, and more.

Are you planning to take a Michigan Test?  Keep these steps in mind:


  • Determine which test is right for you.
  • Find your local test center.
  • Ask the test center about exam dates and enrollment deadlines.
  • Enroll for the exam with your test center.
  • Prepare for the exam and practice your English.
  • Receive your test results from the test center.
  • Add your certification to your list of achievements.

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Review the test policies and accommodations for test takers.

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