MET Go! Digital FAQ

Parents, test takers, and educators who have basic questions about MET Go! Digital can learn more from these frequently asked questions (FAQs).  If you have a question that isn’t answered here, try contacting your local Authorized Test Center.

Is MET Go! Digital the same as the paper-based exam?

The test content and skills tested are the same for each exam. However, there are differences in how the test taker answers questions. For example, during the speaking section, the test taker looks and listens to a prompt. Then they record their answer instead of speaking to a live examiner. In the writing section, test takers hand-write their responses in the paper version of the test and type their answers in the digital version.

Can my student take MET Go! Digital at home?
Yes, your student can take MET Go! Digital at home. To do so, the student must register with a Michigan Language Assessment Authorized Test Center
Does my student need to download anything to be able to take the test at home?

No. The test taker does not need to download special software.

What are the technical requirements for students to take MET Go! Digital at home?

Test Taker Computer
Operating SystemMicrosoft Windows 8 or later
Processor Speed2.33 GHz CPU
Graphics CardAt least 65 MB of memory
SoftwareGoogle Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Screen Resolution1280 x 768 pixels,
Single monitor only
PeripheralsTwo-button mouse
Speakers with microphone or headphones with microphone
Screen scaled to 100%
Internet Speed2.25 Mbps minimum
Where does my student register to take MET Go! Digital?

Contact the nearest Michigan Language Assessment Authorized Test Center to learn more about upcoming test administrations, registration, and pricing information.

How long does the exam take?

The exam length varies because test takers continue with the different tasks of the test at their own pace. MET Go! Digital has 3 sections (writing, listening, and reading). Each section takes 30 minutes or less to complete. The optional speaking section takes about 10 minutes. The test taker can complete the full exam in 100 minutes or less.

How does my student take the speaking section?

During the speaking section of MET Go! Digital, the test taker will record their response to the speaking prompts for the different parts of this section of the test. There are several unrated practice questions first, and then the test taker will listen to and read the questions. Responses are automatically audio recorded.

What happens if my student has a power outage or loses their internet connection?

The test taker will receive instructions from the test center to finish the exam when they are ready to do so.

Does my student need to take a special preparation course to take the exam?

No. The tasks that MET Go! uses are very similar to the activities in a typical English language class. Test takers do not need to learn about any new tasks to be prepared to take MET Go!. It is important to look at the MET Go! sample test to become familiar with the questions and tasks that the student will complete. 

Where can I find MET Go! preparation resources?

There are multiple free resources available in our Test Preparation Resource Library that can be used in preparation for either the paper-based or digital version of the exam.

What information is on the digital score report?

The score report shows section scores for each of the skill areas of the test and a final score, with their corresponding level of English proficiency (on the Common European Framework of References) scale. Test takers also receive helpful suggestions on ways to improve in each skill area.

When will my student receive MET Go! Digital results?

Michigan Language Assessment provides MET Go! Digital results to test centers two weeks after the test date. Test centers communicate results to test takers. 

Can my student fail MET Go! Digital?

No. MET Go! is not an exam that a test taker passes or fails. Because the exam is multilevel, all test takers earn a certificate and a score report with personalized feedback in each skill area. 

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