The Examination for the Certificate of Proficiency in English (ECPE) is a standardized, 4-skill American English test at the highest level of proficiency.

Valid Results at the Highest Level of Proficiency

ECPE test users can depend on an international certification to advance toward educational and professional goals.

Legacy of Success

English language learners around the world have received ECPE certification since 1953.

Secure & Reliable Test

Only Authorized Test Centers administer the ECPE.

Prepare for ECPE

Take an ECPE sample test to become familiar with the exam content and format.

ECPE Highlights

Learn about ECPE content, results, format, and more.

Speaking Test Video

Watch an ECPE Speaking Test sample video.

Revised ECPE in 2021

Learn more about the ECPE revision and the timeline for changes.

Achieve a Respected International Certification

Test takers can confidently prove their English skills with a Michigan Language Assessment certification that is backed by the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English.