The Michigan English Placement Test (Michigan-EPT) is a computer-based test that quickly and reliably places test takers into homogeneous ability levels. Institutions administer the test at their convenience to gain an accurate assessment of general receptive language proficiency. In some contexts, the Michigan-EPT is used more than once with the same test taker to measure progress over time.

Michigan-EPT Format
Test Scoring and Results
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Test Takers

Secondary – adult



Beginner to advanced
(CEFR A1-C1)

Skills Tested

Listening, grammar, vocabulary, reading

Test Duration

60 minutes



Test Dates

On-demand by the purchasing institution or business

Michigan-EPT Format

The test is divided into 2 sections:


Reading (includes grammar and vocabulary) 

The test covers listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Preregistration isn’t necessary for this computer-delivered test; students can enter their information when they arrive to take the test. The interface is easy to navigate: test sections are clearly marked with time limits and instructions are provided. All 80 test items are multiple choice.


The Michigan-EPT Listening Section reflects language used in real-life situations. This section contains two parts and assesses the ability of a test taker to understand speech in educational, public, occupational, and personal contexts. Items feature short questions that require the test taker to choose from three possible responses and dialogues that are followed by a question.

The content covers a variety of listening skills:

  • Global skills that test comprehension of the entire passage, such as asking for the main idea
  • Local skills that test a part of the passage, such as a detail mentioned by the speaker
  • Inferential skills that test comprehension of something that is not explicitly stated in the text, such as drawing a conclusion

Part 1

Questions require test takers to choose among three responses.
10 questions

Part 2

Short conversations are each followed by a question with three answer choices.
15 questions

Total questions: 25

Time: 25 minutes

Reading (includes grammar and vocabulary)

The reading section covers a variety of skills: global, local, and inferential. In Part 1, test takers read a single sentence and then answer a comprehension question by choosing from four answer choices. In Part 2, they read two passages and answer comprehension questions about each passage by selecting from four answer choices.

The grammar and vocabulary items reflect language used in real-life situations. Grammar items consist of one or two sentences containing a blank. Vocabulary items consist of one sentence containing a blank. For each, test takers select the one of four words or phrases that belongs.

Reading Part 1

A sentence is followed by a question about its meaning. Test takers select the correct answer from four options.
5 questions

Reading Part 2

Two longer reading passages are followed by five comprehension questions each. Test takers select the correct answer from four options.
10 questions (2 sets)


An incomplete sentence is followed by a choice of four words or phrases to complete it.
20 questions


An incomplete sentence is followed by a choice of four words to complete it.
20 questions

Total questions: 55

Time: 35 minutes

Test Scoring and Results

Test Scoring

The Michigan-EPT is scored automatically by computer.

There are no pre-established pass or fail (cut) scores for the Michigan-EPT. Test users establish their own cut scores at their institution because cut scores will vary depending on the particulars of their program and students.

A useful resource for test users to establish cut scores is the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR). The CEFR is a widely used standard to interpret test scores. Michigan Language Assessment conducted a standard-setting project to link Form D of the Michigan-EPT scores to the CEFR levels as shown in the table below.

Level Score Range
A1 0-30
A2 31-38
B1 39-52
B2 53-60
C1 61-80

If you are using forms other than Form D, use the score conversion table.

Because the Michigan-EPT is computer-based, scores are reported immediately.

Interpreting and Using Test Results

The Michigan-EPT is aimed at the A1-C1 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Learn what language learners can do at each level of the CEFR.

The EPT estimates the test taker’s true competency by approximating the kinds of tasks that may be encountered in real life. Temporary factors, such as fatigue, anxiety, or illness, may affect exam results.

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