MET Go! is a secure, multilevel American English exam designed for students ages 11 to 15. Available as a 3-skill or 4-skill exam, MET Go! provides a certificate and personalized feedback to every test taker.

Multilevel Exam

MET Go! meets the needs of classrooms with students at different levels.

Personalized Score Reports

Individualized, detailed feedback supports further learning.

Flexible Test Dates

Test centers set test dates that suit their schools and test takers.

Personalized Feedback

Learn how MET Go! personalized score reports support further learning.

Official Practice Test Books

Order the Official MET Go! Practice Test Book and Teacher’s Answer Pack.

MET Go! Success Stories

See how MET Go! helps learners around the world on their educational journeys.

Test Preparation Resources

Prepare for MET Go! with free worksheets, posters, sample tests, and more.