MET Go! is a secure, multilevel American English exam designed for upper primary to lower secondary school students. Available as a 3-skill or 4-skill exam, MET Go! provides a certificate and personalized feedback to every test taker.

 Features include:

  • Multilevel to meet the needs of classrooms with students at different levels
  • Individualized, detailed feedback to support further learning
  • Flexible test dates that suit schools and test takers

Digital Version of MET Go!

Test takers can take a digital version of MET Go! either at home or at an Authorized Test Center. MET Go! Digital features the same quality and content that test takers and teachers expect from the Michigan Tests.

The digital exam:

  • is suitable for upper primary to secondary school students;
  • can be administered in a test center or at home;
  • can be flexibly scheduled on dates chosen by Authorized Test Centers;
  • is available as a 3- or 4-skill test;
  • provides detailed, personalized reports to all test takers.

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The MET Go! Digital Test Experience

MET Go! Digital Interactive Demo

This interactive demo is a short introduction to the look and feel of the MET Go! Digital test. The demo has a few sample questions from all four skill sections. These questions represent the range of item types a test taker might encounter on MET Go! Digital. There is a short intro video showing the test player interface, followed by the sample questions. Since this test is for demonstration purposes, there are a few differences from the live test:

  • answers are not scored
  • speaking task does not record the test taker’s response
  • you can navigate between the sections; in the live test, this feature is locked

MET Go! Digital Sample Test

Prepare your students for MET Go! Digital with the new full-length sample test. The MET Go! Digital Sample Test features all 4 skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking) and offers learners a chance to become familiar with the test format and item types. Because it is designed solely for practice and test preparation, the sample test is not scored. It is available for anyone to take on a desktop or laptop computer using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

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Learn more about MET Go! Digital on the FAQ.

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MET Go! Digital Video

A video introduction to MET Go! Digital and a test demonstration.

MET Go! Digital

MET Go! Digital provides students the option to take the test on a computer in a test center or at home.

Test Preparation Resources

Prepare for MET Go! with free worksheets, posters, sample tests, and more.