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Michigan Language Assessment is dedicated to supporting and developing English language assessment research. We are pleased to provide a searchable library of our conference presentations, technical reports, working papers, and other research publications related to our exams.

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Piotrowski, J. Basse, R. Miller, B. Pearce, S. (2019). Approaches to Scoring Task Completion in Speaking Performances. Poster presented at the 2018 Midwest Association of Language Testers Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.. MET Go! | Presentations

Plough, I. MacMillan, F. O’Connell, S. (2011). Changing Tasks…Changing Evidence: A Comparative Study of Two Speaking Proficiency Tests. In G. Granena, J. Koeth, S. Lee-Ellis, A. Lukyanchenko, G.P. Botana, & E. Rhoades (Eds.), Selected Proceedings of the 2010 Second Language Research Forum, Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Proceedings Project (pp. 91-104). Somerville, MA. ECPE | Presentations

Verhelst, N. Banerjee, J. McLain, P. (2016). Fairness and bias in language assessment. In J. V. Banerjee & D. Tsagari (Eds.), Contemporary second language assessment (pp. 243-260). London: Bloomsbury. MET | Books and Book Chapters

Michigan Language Assessment. (2020). MET 2019 Test Report. Ann Arbor, Michigan. MET | Test Reports

Chapman, M. O'Boyle, J. (2013). Planning time in speaking tests: how does it help?. Conference Proceedings of MexTESOL: MexTESOL 2013 Annual International Conference. Queretarro, Mexico.. MET | Presentations

Michigan Language Assessment. (2019). Revising the MET. Ann Arbor, MI. MET | Technical Reports