The Michigan English Test (MET) is a secure, flexible, multilevel American English exam for secondary students to adults. It is used for educational and professional purposes and is available as a 2-skill or 4-skill test.

Multilevel Exam

The exam assesses test takers at a wide range of proficiency levels.

Convenient and Secure

The MET gauges proficiency and progress with unique forms each month.

Flexible Use

The MET is used for professional and educational advancement.

Test Preparation Resources

Explore sample tests, writing samples, and more.

MET Recognition

Discover the institutions that recognize MET for general, educational, and professional purposes.

Official MET Practice Test Books

Order the classroom edition or self-study edition, each with four practice tests.

See How MET is Used Around the World

Read about how test takers meet scholarship requirements with the MET.

Achieve a Respected International Certification

Test takers can confidently prove their English skills with a Michigan Language Assessment certification that is backed by the University of Michigan and Cambridge Assessment English.