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The Michigan English Test (MET) is an opportunity for university candidates and nursing/healthcare professionals to brighten their futures by certifying their English proficiency. It features a variety of exam options for test takers and can be taken from home or in-person at a Prometric or Michigan Authorized Test Center. Carefully read through the steps below before registering for your exam.

Read for a brief overview of the MET 2-skill and 4-skill, focusing on key features for test takers. Our 4-skill MET is the most popular as a complete assessment accepted for university admissions and professional licensure.

Read for more information on requesting test accommodations, retaking a section of the exam, and other exam-related procedures.

Read for everything you need to know prior to registering for the MET, including ID, payment, and other requirements.

Click to access our customer portal. This is where you will create an account and register for your exam. Five days after the completion of your exam, you will receive digital results here.

General information about MET

How much does MET cost?

MET pricing varies. If you are taking MET at one of our Authorized Test Centersconsult them for pricing information. If you are taking MET remotely (or at a Prometric testing site), find your country in the list below and check the price for MET.

MET Digital Price List
What does the test consist of?

Click here for a detailed description of all four sections of MET (Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing).

How and where do I register for MET?

You can take MET almost anywhere in the world. If you prefer to take it at a test center, you can find a list of test center locations here. If you prefer to take the test remotely, check the requirements and schedule the test at your convenience. 

  • To take MET at an Authorized Test Center, contact the center directly. 
  • To take MET at a Prometric Test Center, you will register through the Michigan Customer Portal

To take MET at home, you will register through the Michigan Customer Portal.

How can I prepare for MET?

The best way to prepare for MET is to practice your English skills. MET evaluates high-beginning to advanced levels of English. We have free materials to help you with test preparation.

In addition to our free resource library, we have official Practice Test Books.

How much do I need to pay for additional services?

The MET registration fee covers the registration for the test as well as access to test accommodations, digital score reports, and sharing your test results with unlimited institutions. Below are fees for additional services.

Item Fees
Certificate of Achievement $66 USD
Invalidation Appeal $95 USD
Late Rescheduling Fee $100 USD
Speaking or Writing Section Rescore $44 USD
Single Section Retake (Reading, Listening)1 $55-76 USD
Single Section Retake (Writing)1 $58-79 USD


1 The single section retake fees vary by country. The table shows a range for each fee. The exact fee for each country will be available through your customer portal account.

MET Digital Sample Test

Take the sample test to experience the format and item types before exam day. The sample test features Writing, Listening, Reading, and Speaking sections.
met digital test preparation materials

Resource Library

The materials that help you prepare for the MET can be used for both the paper-based and digital MET.


Want to learn more about the MET? Check out our FAQ for test takers, parents, teachers, and recognizing organizations.

MET Main Page

Visit for a general overview of the exam.